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July 7, 2020

We promote waste management in industrial states (PAEs)

The chair of Unió de Polígons Industrials de Catalunya, Xavier Sunyer, and the CEO of Prewaste, Raül Flores, sign an agreement to promote waste management in Polígons d’Activitat Econòmica de Cataluya.


This agreement responds to UPIC’s desire to have strategic commercial alliances, defining the “UPIC PARTNERS” network formed by companies in the fields of mobility, waste management, energy efficiency, network connectivity, security, purchasing centres and urban planning, among others, that provide the highest quality in the development and implementation of projects led by business associations and/or companies with the support of the UPIC.

With Prewaste, we have begun to explore the possibility of jointly presenting a European project that has a positive economic impact for companies and is scalable for the whole of Catalonia. We are a company engaged in environmental advice and the transformation and commercialization of waste, with the aim of turning it into resources. Our philosophy is to apply circular economy and help companies and institutions to develop projects that bring environmental and economic improvements. 

Because the change we seek is everyone’s responsibility.

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