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July 25, 2018

Interview with the CEO of Prewaste

Recycling and the circular economy are concepts well-known to Raúl Flores, manager of Prewaste, which is engaged in the world of waste and seeks to standardize these two concepts to create a more sustainable future.


What is Prewaste?

Prewaste is a company that is mainly engaged in the waste sector, which is now present in Terrassa and is dedicated to environmental advice and the commercialization of waste, with the clear goal to contribute to generating resources from waste based on sustainability and respect for the environment.

What specific services do you offer?

The main services are: consultancy and commercial advice, where we offer the best technology available and solutions adapted to the needs of the client; trading, that is, the purchase and sale of reusable by-products such as paper, cardboard and plastics, with the aim of minimizing costs for the client; technological and innovative “turnkey” solutions: a sustainable alternative to any proposed project and the creation of circular economy projects.

What does the circular economy consist of?

The circular economy is based on maintaining the value of products, being more efficient in the use of resources and minimizing waste. It contrasts with the linear production system that uses raw material, manipulates it, generates a product, consumes it and throws it away. This system that we have been using until now generates a depletion of our planet’s raw materials (which are limited) while accumulating a large amount of unusable waste. We are currently working on four projects determined by the circular economy and these are designed to encourage and also add to the 2030 recycling objectives set by the European Union.

Precisely in matters of recycling, there is a lot of talk about zero dumping. Why is this?

Because the ultimate goal is for no waste to go to a landfill but for, as is done in nature, the materials to be transformed to have a new use. To achieve this, you need clear projects, a comprehensive knowledge of the sector, machinery and waste (especially for plastics), as well as the ability to know the territory very well.

Can this type of service, apart from offering solutions to the industrial sector, also be implemented in the public administration?

Yes, of course. Prewaste is ready to work side by side not only with companies in the private sector but also with everything that surrounds the public sector. Only with the support of the administrations can the change be real. From this collaboration we can obtain results such as “green” jobs, theoretical and practical training in all sections with workshops and the impact on public awareness. In addition, we have the Vallès Circular initiative where, apart from the administrations, there are also several agents to promote the circular economy in the territory.

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